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Stepp-N-Out Farm

Ron and Sue Stepp purchased their dream horse property in 1998 located at 718 Pole Bridge Rd, Pine Mountain, Ga 31822.  It is ideally located 1mile off Highway 185 in the rural town of Pine Mountain.   Located just north of Columbus, Ga and 1 hour south of Atlanta, Ga.  

Their love of Tennessee Walking Horses led to a 15 year breeding operation, as well as continued horse boarding. We’re an animal loving family and share the property with our 6 dogs, 2 cats, foster dogs, geese and ducks.No longer competing in the show world we enjoy sharing our property with our boarders and their horses.  

We also enjoy being active with the Humane Society of Harris County as fosters for various dogs and puppies. Stay tuned for more pictures

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Stepp-n-Out Farm

Looking for a great family horse boarding facility.  Stepp-n-Out Farm, in Pine Mountain, Ga  is a private family owned farm with owners on the premises. We offer 12x 12 stalls with floor mats and deep shavings.  Many stalls have large paddocks attached. Enjoy hours of trail riding, or work you horse in our show size dressage arena. We feed Seminole grains and supplement with Timothy /alfalfa hay. Horses are turned out on 60 acres of divided, lush pastures.  We are usually available to assist with your farrier or veterinarian needs.Come relax at our quiet, and peaceful farm. Enjoy the scenery of a 7 acre lake and tranquility of a small farm.

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Comfort of the barn

Enjoy the tranquility and peace of going to the barn. Our 10 stall barn includes a fly spray system, in stall water, stall mats, and stall fans.  Come out to spend time with your horse and friends. It’s a great getaway.


Relaxing trail rides

The farm offers hours of relaxing trail rides for our boarders over rolling hills, crossing creeks and some of nature’s trail jumps.  We do not offer private horses for trail rides 


Arena Work

Enjoy riding and preparing for the show ring in our regulation size dressage arena.  


Families welcome

Families are welcome to come out and relax, enjoy the animals, groom horses

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Our home Welcomes You

we look forward to having you join us at Stepp-n-Out Farm


Services Offered

Stepp-n-Out Farm offers  full stall board, as well as pasture board. Full board includes approximately 12 hours in and out with hay available in stalls.  Horses are fed twice a day.  A fly spray nozzle is located in each stall and every stall has an oscillating fan.  Rubber floor mats protect the flooring and we use pine shavings for bedding.  Full board is $600 per month.  Additional charges may be incurred if additional services are requested.
Pasture board is available. We have 5 divided pastures, depending on the needs of your horse.  Horses are fed once a day and hay is provided twice a day in the winter.   All pastures have protective run in sheds and 100 gallon water troughs

cleaned daily.  The barn is available to all pasture boarders. Additional charges many be incurred if additional services are requested. Pasture board is $400 per month.

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Come on Down to the Farm!

718 Pole Bridge Rd
Pine Mountain, Ga   31822


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